The Rio Grande Angler (located in Creede) & South Fork Guide Service are committed to providing fly-fishermen (and women!) with the ultimate guided fishing adventure. Whether it’s the majestic Rio Grande River, beautiful mountain streams, or peaceful lakes -- all surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, our guides provide you with access to a wide assortment of alluring fly-fishing waters.

We also strive to motivate and encourage our clients by providing fly-fishing lessons, so you’ll have all the information you need to be a success whether you’re experimenting with streams, lakes, or the mighty Rio Grande!

"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."
~Washington Irving~

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Our Guides

bio joelJoel Condren

Home town: South Fork, CO
Started guiding on Rio: 1997
Boat: Clack and a raft
Favorite stretch: wherever the hatch is
Favorite time to fish: mid September through late October
Winter activities: Owns a killer ski shop - www.8200mountainsports
Boxers or briefs: boxer briefs, the best of both worlds
Choc. or vanilla: get serious, chocolate
Cat or dog: dog
Other outdoor passions: wing shooting, skiing
Favorite fly: just a little something I tie…
Biggest fish: was a big one!
Goals: to keep fishing and share my passion with as many anglers as I can.

Martin Lewis

Home Town: Scottsdale, Arizona
Started guiding on the Rio: 2014
Favorite area to fish:  High mountain creeks in Creede and Southfork.
Favorite time to fish: Throwing big, dry flies in the summer and chucking big, ugly streamers in the fall for brown trout.
Winter Activities: Playing golf, barbequing, fly fishing for bass in the Southwest with my buddies
Favorite Fly: Size 6 conehead muddy buddy
Biggest Fish: 5 pound rainbow trout
Favorite Food: Slow-cooked smoked barbeque spareribs
Favorite Band: Jackson Taylor Band
Goals: To learn something new every day and to show our clients a great time on the water.
Dog or Cat: Dog…Bogey a.k.a the rat assassin

Clint Kirk

Home Town:  I’m originally from Marion, Ohio.  I’ve been blessed to travel the world and fish in many countries during my 27 years active duty in the U.S. Air Force.  I’m now very content to call the beautiful mountain town of South Fork, Colorado my home.
Started guiding:  I guided unofficially for friends and coworkers while serving on active duty.  I moved to Colorado and started guiding on the Rio Grande in June 2008 after completion of guide school in Wyoming.
Boat:  Clack and a raft
Favorite area to fish:  I’ll wet a line anywhere fish are present, but there is just something magical about fishing on the Rio Grande and in the surrounding mountain streams. 
Favorite time to fish:  Trick question since there is never a bad time to fish. However, I do favor fall fishing when the brown trout have taken on their spawning colors.
Winter activities:  Fly-tying, rod building big game hunting, snowshoeing and traveling with my wife and our golden retriever, Aspen.
Favorite fly:  Fish Monger – just a little something I whip up
Biggest fish:  39” Chinook salmon caught on the Pere Marquette River in Michigan.
Goals:  Live each day as it comes and share my passion for fly-fishing with as many people as possible.
Favorite ice cream:  Really, I have to choose a favorite?
First thought when you wake up:  Lord, thanks for another day!

Ryan Stuebs

Home Town: Originally from Weyauwega, WI and currently lives in Del Norte, CO
Started guiding on the Rio: I have been guiding on the Rio since 2001.
Favorite area to fish:  I like fishing on Ranchland from South Fork to Del Norte.
Favorite time to fish: Mid-April and late September to early October
Winter Activities: I enjoy duck and goose hunting
Other outdoor hobbies: Horseback riding, big game hunting, and upland bird hunting
Favorite Fly: Streamers, if I had to choose just one it’d be a Ginger-Tan Leach and a Rust-Wooly Craw; depending on water clarity.
Biggest Fish: A handful of 26” Rainbows and Cutbows as well as a handful of 22-24” Browns.
Goals: I want to enjoy every day I’m blessed with and help others to enjoy theirs and to create lifelong friends.
Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan
Favorite Music: Old Country and Classic Rock & Roll
First thought when you wake up: Lord I hope this day is good

J. Allan McLean

Home Town:  Willow Park, Texas and Creede, Colorado (Fort Worth originally)
Started guiding on the Rio:  2004 and exploring and fishing the Upper Rio Grande Valley for over 50 years
Favorite place to fish:  The deep canyons above the Rio Grande Reservoir
Favorite time to fish:  Dawn to dusk
Winter Activities:  Hunting in the Cross Timbers area of Texas
Favorite Fly:  A nymph below a Rio Grande King
Biggest Fish:  four pound plus Brown in the big pool where Texas Creek enters the Rio Grande – he’s still there
Cat or Dog:  Old English Sheep Dog always sunning herself in our front yard on Main Street in Creede
Favorite ice cream:  Butter Pecan
Favorite Food:  Chicken fried steak with thick cream gravy
Favorite quote:  “The good presentation of bad fly is better that the poor presentation of a good fly.”
Goal:  To teach, guide and introduce our many friends and customers to the wonderful streams and the beauty of Upper Rio Grande Valley


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